Young Justice: Legacy Playstation 3 Review

LOYJ-Legacy_PS3_NOA_Wrapper_r5I admit that I wasn’t aware of the “Young Justice” Warner Bros. cartoon series until seeing an early build of the “Legacy” game at the 2013 E3 Expo.  Since, seeing Little Orbit’s action RPG, I was intrigued enough to check out the series.  The band of teenaged superheroes is known as the Team and basically younger counterparts of the adult “Justice League.” Though, the “Young Justice” series has now been cancelled, the cartoon certainly had its merits and was credited with mature and sophisticated plots and storylines.  The general similarity between it and the better established “Teen Titans” was probably the biggest contributing factor to “Young Justice’s” demise.

Little Orbit has carved its niche in videogames by developing licensed properties and for the most part they’ve resulted in admirable efforts.  “Young Justice: Legacy” doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with superhero videogames, instead it mostly follows in the footsteps of classics like “X-Men: Legends” and “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.  Like those games, “Legacy” is essentially an isometric action RPG though the action is definitely at the forefront.  That being said, the game’s story was written in collaboration with the series’ producers.

bialya_001 (450x253)Considering the basic model for “Young Justice” is now a couple of generations back, it’s no surprise that level of presentation isn’t what the new “Lego Marvel Superheroes” is.  The models, animations and environments are not up to the level of current big budget releases.  There are also some decidedly unfinished feeling portions of the game.  I could make a pretty long list of complaints about the game’s shortcomings, but honestly it would feel a bit like piling on.  That makes this game a hard sell for gaming veterans though.  However, younger gamers, particular DC Comic fans are more likely to be forgiving of “Legacy’s” obvious blemishes.

What “Young Justice: Legacy” does fairly well, is tell an interesting and competently delivered narrative.  There are also a good number of unlockables including 12 playable superheroes. These heroes have upgradeable abilities and even alternate costumes that can be found throughout the game.  Your team can also be customized between stages.  While some of the stages are fairly bland, the game does try to mix it up a bit. Each of the missions is broken into a couple of stages.  While a good chunk of the action is button mashing, many of the tactics utilized in games like “Dragon Age” still apply.

cheshire_001 (450x253)As a training game for more complex action RPGs, “Young Justice: Legacy” largely succeeds but glitches, and the overall unfinished feeling of the game is likely to turn most gamers off.  The game does allow up to three players locally, each controlling a hero and includes online multiplayer, but its lack of popularity is likely to doom the effort.  I was unable to find any players on the Playstation Network to connect with.  While it is easy to find flaws with “Legacy’s” execution, the story is fairly solid and fans of the short lived series may find some enjoyment in the previously untold story.

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