Top 5 Nintendo Wii role playing games

Nintendo WiiMonster Hunter Tri:  A motion based video game system seems to run counter to how most gamers in this genre particularly want to play their games.  Capcom seems to think they know better than Nintendo and maybe they do.  This game was released with a limited edition that came with a special classic controller and that is certainly the way this game was meant to be played.  It is a great, deep action role playing game as single player game.  This game doesn’t end there.  Capcom gave the Wii one of the best online interfaces seen on the system.

Animal Crossing: City Folk:  Some might argue this isn’t an RPG.  The truth is, you have character creation, quests and open ended game play.  Maybe it’s a little too cutesy but it is the Wii.  Nintendo has positioned themselves as the family home gaming console and in this game the whole family can have their own characters that share the town, can send messages and even gifts.  There is also an online mode where you can voice chat and visit other people’s towns.  This game isn’t much different from its previous iterations but, it’s the only one on the Wii.

Final Fantasy: Chocobo’s Dungeon:  As with Animal Crossing, cutesy and juvenile might be used to describe this game as well.  You play as a Chocobo, the cute little chicken creatures from Final Fantasy.  Cuteness aside, Square Enix takes role playing games seriously and this game is no exception to that.  It is an old school type romp that doesn’t do much to advance the genre but does give you more of what you love on a console that doesn’t offer many games like this.  Think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on your big TV with Final Fantasy stuff.

Rune Factory: Frontier:  Rune Factory is part of the Harvest Moon family.  It is the evolution of a game very similar to Animal Crossing.  Harvest Moon games all have you living in a small town, running a farm and in that way it is kind of a Sim-management type game.  The Rune Factory aspect gives you dungeons to explore.  So the game play is a combination of these genres and somehow manages to pull it off well.  If there were a multiplayer component, it would be higher on this list.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn:  This game and series is filled with nostalgia and arguably is more of a strategy game than anything else.  Fire Emblem has been around for decades.  You could say this game exemplifies that.  That is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It doesn’t do much to break ground or even utilize the technology of the Wii.  It looks and feels like a game that is twenty years old.  Luckily, it is a series and genre that has a lot good going for it.  This is a great new chapter in a familiar story with familiar interface.

There are also numerous classic and past-gen role playing games available for download on the Wii.