Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 Wii U Review

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51jeqznw0pL._SL500_AA300_At the Nintendo 2012 E3 Expo press conference in Los Angeles, Nintendo took a few moments to share some highlights from the upcoming Wii Fit U.  However, as it is, Ubisoft has beaten Nintendo to the punch.  Ubisoft has brought its popular Your Shape beating Nintendo’s own effort by a couple of months.  Early adopters of the Wii U, looking to shed a few pounds after the holidays only have Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013.  Though the game doesn’t support the Balance Board, Your Shape for the Wii U does offer some interesting new options.

Your Shape started off on the original Wii console using an included webcam and eschewing the Wiimote except for navigating the menu.  It therefore seems a little strange that four years later, on a new Nintendo console, the game forces players to hold a Wiimote for tracking.  Those that tried the original game or one of the Xbox 360 Kinect versions know, that the cameras aren’t perfect but, it does free players from having to hold on to something while working out. Your Shape for the Wii U actually makes players use two pieces of hardware.

330202SFrom the beginning, the onscreen presentation is HD, modern and pretty sharp looking.  Gone is the Minority Report look of the first Kinect version of the game.  Your Shape for the Wii U is a two screen experience.  Players will create a profile using the GamePad and yes, you can lie about your weight and age.  You could lie about everything but, the fitness calculations the software makes would be less accurate.  Be careful when you take your picture for your profile as Ubisoft will share that photo publicly.  You can also allow the game to share your progress in your friends’ newsfeeds.

yourshape_fitness_evolved_2013_screenshot1sYour Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 delivers a whopping 125 different workouts in a large variety of areas.  Your initial ala carte menu choices are between activities, classes, and workouts.  The activities are where the more fun, dance and “Zen Flow” exercises can be found.  The classes are eight theme based workouts from cardio-dance and kickboxing to the “Zen Zone.” Players can also opt for straight body part specific workouts as well as warm ups and cool downs.   Of course you can create a personalized fitness program lasting up to four weeks.  These are tailored to your current fitness level and preferences which are accompanied by an animated virtual coach.

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