Free MMO gaming without having to buy software

Similar to Playstation 3 offerings like Free Realms and Playstation Home, Smeet is a free 3D Social Chat Game. The game is stylistically closer to Second Life or the Sims and is available on MAC or PC through a browser and reported in news from around the world of gaming.  Offering a number of virtual worlds, Smeet allows players to meet new people of their age group and in their region to experience adventures. Players collect fame points, move up the levels to expand and customize their 3D Hangout. Friends can be invited to have more fun and challenge their High Scores and achievements.

Smeet offers a variety of multiplayer games for users to play against each other. In the designated game worlds, the players can choose from a range of themed quizzes. There are also several mini-games included in Smeet, such as Mahjong, Astro Shooter and Polar Pogo.  Players can complete tasks and games, generating Fame Points through the Smeet leveling system.  Smeet also allows players to raise their own cute pets and teach them cool tricks or take care of a 3D garden and their own farm. For each activity, players are rewarded with Smeet Fame Points.

After signing up on for the free virtual games online, players can create and customize profiles individualizing their 3D avatars. The basic functions, such as chatting, decorating user rooms, playing games and solving quests are also free of charge.  The earned Fame Points from a variety of activities allow players to progress to higher levels. With increasing number of Fame Points and levels, players gain a higher status and can receive additional content.  Special premium functions and activities require the purchase of the in-world currency, aptly named coins.  These will temporarily grant the player a VIP status for a limited period of time.