Kingdom Come: Deliverance Easily Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Kingdom-Come-DeliveranceOver the past decade or so, members of the Czech-based Warhorse Studios team helped create memorable gaming experiences including the “Mafia” series and “Operation Flashpoint.” For their first release as a developer, Warhorse is taking it back to the Middle Ages with “Kingdom Come: Deliverance.” And to make it a reality, they decided to go the crowd-funding route with a Kickstarter campaign on Jan. 30.

Originally, Warhorse’s goal was to raise about £300,000 (or $497,340 in U.S. dollars) as a means of raising a tenth of their overall budget. For them, it was a means of proving to their investor that there is an actual demand for “Deliverance.” Well, it’s safe to say there’s a demand—and then some. As of this writing, the developer has now raised £533,478 (or $884399.83) with 22 (!) days left in the fundraiser.

After seeing this success, they have added “stretch goals” that allow for a deeper game. They have already reached added goals of live in-game period music and a soundtrack provided by a symphonic orchestra. But now they’re hoping to get enough to create a playable female character (£600,000) and use motion-capture technology (£700,000) to deliver natural-looking cut scenes and gameplay. After that, it’s up to Warhorse to figure out how to use the money, though that depends on how much is raised by the Feb. 20 deadline.

“Deliverance” itself strives to bring the most realistic Medieval Europe-based gaming experience to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Players will take on the role of a young blacksmith who’s lost everything to war and gets thrust into a plan to save the kidnapped king in the year 1403. You’ll do so in a game that combines RPG and first-person elements while experiencing what Warhorse says is like “Braveheart: The Game.”

In other words, they’re making it as authentic as possible. You’ll be using real-life locations; wearing and seeing period-accurate armor and costumes; and engaging in swordplay crafted with the help of experts. Not only that, but it’s based on historical events that, you know, actually happened. And to drive that point home, they proudly state on their main page that the game is “[d]ungeons & no dragons.”

But what if dragons are your thing? Well, don’t worry, because there are a plethora of options available. For one, there’s the latest flying-shooter “Crimson Dragon” installment on Xbox One that recently received an update. And if you want to dig deeper, you can get your dragon fix by playing “Dragon 8’s” and/or “Dungeons & Dragons” at the Bet Fair Arcade. As opposed to their console counterparts, these games provide the chance to win some cash while you’re playing along. The latter also obviously appeals the “D&D” faithful out there, even if the original () isn’t as popular as it once was.

But it could see a resurgence, especially in niche markets with games like “Cities of Darkscorch” being released. Also, who knows, perhaps someone will feel compelled to hack “Deliverance” and throw a dragon or two in there for good measure. Sure it’s going for ultra-realism—and that’s great—but a little fantasy never hurt anyone. Below, you can watch the video used for the Kickstarter campaign. The estimated release date for the computer platform is late 2015, while the console editions’ release remains up in the air (for now).