Miramagia Browser Game

MiramagiaThere are certainly no shortage of farm games out there, but if you’re looking for another one, Miramagia, from Travian Games might be worth a look. Like Harvest Moon and others, the free to play Miramagia attempts to combine a magical world with the charm of a gardening simulation game.  Whether you choose to play as a wizard, mage, druid, or shaman, your garden is filled with magic. You start by learning how to grow herbs, mushrooms and magic shrubs, and once you have cast your first few spells, you will receive a brand new baby dragon. Depending on how you raise it, you will then have a mighty companion to compete with in thrilling dragon races against other players.

In Miramagia, not only must your garden be made to look beautiful, but you must tend to rare flora and learn powerful spells. From a quick rain spell to changing entire climatic zones, the whole world is controlled by magic. The entire game world of Miramagia consists of meticulously drawn and animated graphics.  Like most browser games, players can interact with thousands of other players all over the world and includes a facebook login.  While, the emphasis of Miramagia is harmonious coexistence, you can choose to act as a shrewd merchant or a dedicated plant breeder.

Geared toward players who love casual browser games, the cross-genre environment, creates a unique atmosphere and gaming experience. There are special occasions throughout the year such as, a Spring Festival, village dances, and fairytale events. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays also provide new opportunities to be active and creative.  There are over 500 decorative items the player can use to adorn the village, including 37 different plants, 130 laboratory items, 600 and some items of clothing, and over 100 hairstyles to name a few.  Designed to provide game longevity, if you are looking for an easy to start game, the fantasy online game Miramagia might be for you.

A substantial update is scheduled for August 7, 2014.