MiramagiaAn Online Fantasy Farm Game

TGMiramagiaScreenshot-27-MagicMansionMiramagia, the award winning free farm game bursting with magic, is still going strong. I first covered Miramagia, from Travian Games back in 2014. Like the console game, Harvest Moon and others, the free to play Miramagia combines a magical world with the charm of a gardening simulation game.  Whether you choose to play as a wizard, mage, druid, or shaman, your garden is filled with magic. You start by learning how to grow herbs, mushrooms and magic shrubs, and once you have cast your first few spells, you will receive a brand new baby dragon. The game is still going strong and boasts a sizeable community.

In Miramagia, not only must your garden be made to look beautiful, but you must tend to rare flora and learn powerful spells. Don’t worry though, helpful fairies and your dragon companion are always there to help out. The entire game world of Miramagia consists of gorgeous hand-drawn and animated graphics.  Like most browser games, players can interact with thousands of other players all over the world and includes a Facebook login.  Geared toward players who love casual browser games, the cross-genre environment, creates a unique atmosphere and gaming experience.

Miramgia includes over 500 decorative items the player can use to adorn the village. New to the Miramagia browser game is an Android exclusive companion app. The Miramagia Companion is not intended to serve as a stand-alone app, but allows players to sow, harvest, water, vapourise and more, including working as a village assistant. Also, a function allowing you to instantly collect all of the mushrooms currently available in the village is an exclusive feature of the app. A ten ruby bonus is available for first time users.

If you love farming games, but you’re looking for something new, there’s not likely a better option than a magical dragon and fairy game like Miramagia.