Preview the new browser game from Bigpoint Merc Elite

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MercElite_01_LowThere is a new online shooter game Merc Elite from Browser game maker, Bigpoint on it’s way.  In the game, players guide a team of expert mercenaries into a heated team combat Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA.)   The game promises to force you to rely on both courage and cunning to succeed at this tactical MOBA military game.  Merc Elite will mesh modern warfare with team combat to create an online co-op game experience that is unlike any other.

The modern warfare team combat game Merc Elite offers 5 character classes to choose from to help you successfully fulfill your mission: the Juggernaut class uses stout armor to engage in close combat, while deploying high-tech shields to protect teammates from enemy fire; the Assault class relies on a plethora of high-powered weaponry to inflict heavy damage; the Recon class utilizes stealth and smarts to get in close to deliver the decisive blow; the Heavy Gunner set up massive weapons from a distance to help the team with a barrage of cover fire and mete out damage to the opposition from afar; while the Tactician coordinates everything by tracking enemy movements, implementing high-tech weaponry or calling in airstrikes to help dispatch the fiercest of foes.

MercElite_02_LowMerc Elite is a MOBA military game set in the near-future at a time when resources are scarce, desperation is palpable and mega-conglomerates are in control. With greed in their hearts, domination on their minds and a seemingly endless supply of cash in their pockets, these evil conglomerates will stop at nothing to control what few natural resources there are left in this team combat MOBA. They keep their hands clean and, as per company policy, outsource to the experts: the mercenary bands and agencies that have sprung up in the wake of massive global demobilization. Staffed primarily by ex-members of the armed forces of every nation, some are little better than pirates, but most are professional outfits that emphasize top-of-the-line equipment and experienced, deadly employees. They are the finest mercenaries the planet has to offer: the elite.

MercElite_03_LowShould you succeed in meeting your objectives in this fast-paced co-op game for your browser, your team of elite ex-military guns-for-hire can expect to be rewarded handsomely in this modern warfare online shooter game. Guide your team in a fight to the bitter end to earn the spoils of war in this unique take on modern warfare set in the near-future. This free MOBA military game promises intense team combat action steeped in strategy and modern warfare. Team up with others and let your foes feel the full wrath of your mercenary prowess! Lead former soldiers through this modern warfare military game and experience first-hand all the fast-paced action this free MOBA game has to offer.